About us

African Craft Shop stocks, sells and exports a wide range of authentic handmade original African art, curios, crafts, carvings, masks, baskets, textiles, bead work, artifacts, jewelry, home decor, paintings, wall decor, sculpture, statues and other hand-made products made and sourced from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi and other African countries.

Want to enjoy the authentic culture of Africa? Then, these African crafts are the wonderful choice for you. If you want to enhance the charm of your room or commercial place, then these handcrafted items would be your first choice. Everyone wants to give a magnificent look to their home. Now, you can decorate your room with this beautiful art work of Africans.

Africa has a huge informal economy based around the sale of curios and craft. Traditionally this includes wood carving, wire products, basket weaving, beading, ceramic work and even painting.

We only sell top quality African arts and crafts that have been handcrafted by the most talented African Master craftsmen and women who have been in the African arts and craft industry for so many years, if not decades.

To ensure we always maintain our quality standards, all our products are hand picked by our logistics team members who buy directly from artists from across the African continent.

These fellow African artists, often the sole providers for their families, do it with dedication and pride, as survival is dependent on sales. It is quite fascinating watching them work with every care and pride. Across the large continent of Africa,  artistic talent is a factor that keeps Africans united in appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us and rich diverse culture.

Therefore, by purchasing any of our products, which are often very fairly priced, be rest assured that you have played a pivotal role in helping preserve the African culture, eradicate hunger and unemployment as well as empower women who usually form nearly 70% of the traders and artists we buy most of the following products from – binga baskets, gokwe baskets, jewelry, Zulu hats and textiles, flowers and vases as well as bags and storage baskets.